My Revision Methods!

Hey everyone, I thought that since exam season is either on the way or has started depending on where you live, I know that some of my readers are still in School/college or university so I thought I would give tips on how I like to revise Highlight is the tip! When I revised for […]

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2017 Goals!

Hey everyone!, I was having a little thought shower today about ideas for future posts, so I thought I would do a 2017 goals, yeah I know it’s already February but better late than never right?! Getting my own flat This year Me and my boyfriend Hayden are hoping to move into our own flat […]

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Top 3 favourite things to bake!

Hey everyone! it’s me again, thought I would post a proper blog post today on baking, growing up I always used to bake whether it was cakes or biscuits. Recently after buying a few baking books including Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr I decided that I would start baking again as something to do in […]

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Introduction to my blog..

Hi Everyone.. Thought I would jump on the bandwagon and start a blog, I wanted to start one a few years back but never really had the time to but now I have a few free days a week so it’ll give me the chance to post.. I had a little thought the other day about starting a […]

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