Where have I been?

You’re probably thinking… ‘where has skye been since June’, I’ve had so much going on these past few months and I’ve just been unable to post! So here’s a little update…

Moved out… again

So as you may know is that I moved to Ellon from Fife in August 2017… due to some unforeseen circumstances I moved out and in with one of my friends for somewhere to live until I can afford to rent my own flat.


I recently progressed into my 2nd year of college studying administration… not going to sugar coat it but it’s been tough with a lot more work than I anticipated! However I only have 7 months left until I get my diploma which will hopefully fly by! (Fingers crossed I pass!)

Working full time

You probably know that I work in McDonald’s and have done since 2016, I recently started working overnights as I thought it would be a good idea! However my body clock has adjusted so much and I’m so sleepy all of the time.. all of the pay is worth it though!

I will try and post as much as I can but with such a busy schedule it isn’t easy!

See ya later Skye xoxo


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