My Tough Mudder Experience!

Hey guys! I’m back again… it’s been too long

I recently completed tough mudder with a group of colleagues from work.

We completed the 11 mile intense course for the charity Ronald McDonald House Charity in which we raised a whopping £1100!

We left to drive down to Dumfries and Galloway at 12pm on Saturday the 16th of June and made the 5 hour drive from Aberdeen, we made it at around 5:30 after getting lost a few times due to my bad directions…

After we arrived we had to check in as we were camping in order to run the next day (Sunday). The staff there were all so nice and welcoming. After we had put up the tents we went for a little bite to eat at one of the pie vans, the chicken and gammon pie was delicious! We also attended the worlds worst quiz which contained questions about cricket and rugby which none of us really knew anything about.Getting to sleep the night before was an absolute nightmare. It was so cold that I was wrapped in a hoodie, sleeping bag and blanket and was still shivering.The next morning we headed to the food vans to get some breakfast before the big 11 mile walk/run.We changed into our RMHC tops that we were running in and headed to the warm up, the warm up was hilarious and definitely got us excited for what was to come!The first obstacle was one where you had to climb up a massive wooden wall and use your peers to help you over, I think I may have pulled a muscle in my thigh trying to swing my leg over because it was so sore! We all managed to make it over but nothing prepared us for what was to come! There were some obstacles in which I didn’t complete due to my asthma and I also sprained my ankle a few days before so was trying not to push myself too hard.There were a few challenging obstacles in which my friends struggled or hated such as Arctic Enema which was sliding down a tube into ice cold water. They all came out absolutely shivering and almost reduced to tears. Mud mile was where you had to slide down into extremely muddy water and swim/walk to the other side. As you can see in the photo above, I fell almost face first into the mud.There were a mixture of emotions that day such as anger, hunger and more. At one point of the day I ended up in tears because I couldn’t go on but thanks to the help of my friends I carried on. At approximately 4:30pm we finally crossed the finish line and boy were we happy to be finished. It took us around 4 hours which I don’t think is too bad considering none of us trained for the event.We were all extremely happy to be heading home as it had been an extremely long day!When we crossed the finish line we received a sweatband and finishers t-shirt which is the comfiest thing ever may I add. Tough mudder was the most challenging thing I have ever done but I’m so happy that I did it and for such an amazing charity too!Thank you guys so much for reading…It means so much for all your love and support! Please leave a like and comment.See ya later Skye xox


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