My New Years resolutions!

As we have approached 2018 almost everyone tends to make unrealistic New Years resolutions as have I the past few years… this year I though I would try and set myself some realistic achievements that I think that I could achieve by the end of 2018…

Learn a new language

For the past few months I have been learning to learn Spanish.. to be honest it isn’t going to well.. but this year I am going to make it my mission to be somewhat okay at speaking Spanish. This came around when I went to Salou last July and I just fell in love with the language so I thought I’d give it a little go!

Be more body confident

My body confidence at the moment is at an all time low! I feel so terrible about my body and weight so this year I have decided that I am going to try and be more body confident and flaunt what I have instead of putting myself down for it! Go me!

Switch off!

I am addicted to social media which is super unhealthy, this year I would really like to spend less time on social media and my phone and just enjoy what is going on around me and spend time with my loved ones.

Travel more!

This year will be the year I pass my driving test (I hope!). When I pass I would really love to see parts of the country I grew up in and just travel and explore, take a few trips away and just enjoy life while I can!

Spend more time with friends

Since moving in August I have made a great group of friends who mean a lot to me.. I would love to take this year to spend more time with them and get to know them a bit better, even if it means going on a coffee date or on a night out, I just would love to get to know them all a bit better.

I like to think that I have gave myself a reasonable amount of realistic New Years resolutions this year and I think that I will be able to complete them… what are your New Years resolutions for 2018? Leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading.. I hope you enjoyed reading my post

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See ya later.. Skye xox


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