August favourites!

Hey my lovelies! I’m back again! This time with an august favourites… I don’t really have the many this month but the ones I do have I really do love so let’s get on with it…

Costa Tea

I recently tried costas tea and it was soo good! Definitely one of the best I’ve tried! The only bad thing about it is that you’ve got to add a lot of sugar if you like it sweet! Overall it was amazing!

My academic 17/18 planner

This year I thought that I would buy myself a planner to help keep myself organised and on top of all of my assignments etc and I’ve definitely used it a lot… WHSmith have a lot of really nice planners if your looking for one… another bonus is it is watermelon print! I mean how cute is it!😊

Ryan Lawrie’s new single!

Ryan Lawrie has recently brought out a new single and it is great! If you don’t know who Ryan Lawrie is… he was recently in the UK’s version of the X factor and he is just amazing! Give the song a listen!


One of my most recent favourite youtubers is Jazzybum! She is hilarious and does a variety of crazy videos and I just love her… her videos just cheer me up when I’m down and she is also gorgeous!

My new bedroom

Recently I have moved house.. crazy! Obviously I had to add my new bedroom into my favourites because I just love it… my new bed is the most comfortable thing ever and my absolute happy place!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this post… I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately.. I hope it’ll be back to normal soon.

See ya later… Skye x


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