Disney tag!

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney… if you don’t? Well your lying! 

I saw this over on littlepinkduckblog.blogspot.co.uk and I thought it would be a great idea to get involved too so here we go…

Favourite scene in a Disney movie? My favourite scene I would say is when Belle and the beast have their dance in the ballroom in beauty and the beast.

Last Disney movie you watched? The last Disney movie I watched was Alice in wonderland!

Is your family Disney obsessed? I definitely think that the most Disney obsessed members of the family are me and my mum.

How many times have you visited the parks? I have never visited a Disney park but I hope that one day soon I will get to go!

Favourite animal themed movie? Definitely either Bambi or Dumbo!

Would you get married or have your honeymoon in the parks? I don’t think that I would like to have either in the parks as I would love to give my other half a chance to express his opinion too!

If you could marry any of the characters who would it be and why? I would definitely marry Lefou from beauty and the beast because he may be small but he is smart and intelligent!

Favourite villain? I love Gaston from beauty and the beast.

If you could have 2 Disney characters from any movie who would it be? I honestly have no idea who I would choose.

Have you met any characters in the parks? As I said earlier I have never been to any of the parks so the answer to that is no.

Favourite live action Disney movie? Definitely Mary Poppins!

Mickey or Minnie? Mickey 

Overrated Disney film? I find that frozen is a pretty overrated film and I feel like it isn’t all that good!

Favourite Pixar movie? The incredibles

Favourite side kick? Lefou!

Favourite Disney movie? Definitely either Cinderella or Beauty and the beast!

I had such a fun time typing up the post and I would love if you guys could join in either by doing this post on your own blog or posting your answers in the comments… I would love to see all of your answers!

Thank you guys so much for reading! 

See ya later… Skye x


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