Catch-up with a school friend!

She’s back at it again with another post!

Hey guys, after not seeing my friend school for a little while we decided to have a little catch up so I thought I would write a tiny post about it!

We went for a little bite to eat in the Caledonian hotel which was amazing… they’re gammon steak is the best! 

Yes I’m aware that this photo is from snapchat hah!

After that we headed down the high street to have a little look in a couple of shops and bought a few snacks.

We decided to take a little quiet walk around the Letham glen which is a nice peaceful place which is a great place for photos so it’s fair to say we took a good few as we had a walk around.

I will attach a few of the photos at the end of the post. 

The glen is pretty much a walk trail around a little river and is a perfect place to take your dog for a walk. You see so many people walking around with they’re dogs! Although the trail is really muddy it’s a great peaceful place to walk around… as you walk around you can hear the sound of the river flowing and the birds tweeting above you… it’s so relaxing! After our little relaxing walk around the glen we both decided to take a slow walk home and then we had to part ways.

Catching up with rebecca was great and we sure had a lot of gossip to share as every friend does when they haven’t met up for a while. I definitely don’t think that we should leave it as long next time.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this small post.. your love and support means everything to me.

See ya later… Skye x


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