Apps I use on a daily basis

Hey you lot!

I posted a poll on twitter this morning asking you guys what post you would like to see the most and the final result was my favourite apps to use on a daily basis so this brings us to now…

My phone is an iPhone 6 in silver which I love! I personally think that I prefer iPhones over Samsungs and I don’t think that I could ever change over… but personally that’s my own opinion. I love that my phone has a fingerprint sensor because it saves you having to type in your passcode every time you want to access your phone… anyway onto the apps.

The first app that I’m going to be talking about is acast. Acast is an app that lets you listen to podcasts, I listen to podcasts such as lower your expectations by Marcus Butler and also at home with by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton… I love listening to podcasts whether I’m on the train to Aberdeen or I’m just lying in bed at home, I love the concept of just listening to people having conversations about the most random of conversations.. it’s just great. Acast is a free app for iOS however I’m unsure whether it is available for android but I’m guessing that it probably is. If your into podcast then I would suggest this app as it’s great!

VSCO is a great editing app if your into photography and editing photos, I find that VSCO have a great variety of filters for photos some free and some you need to pay for… the app is super easy to use and makes your photos look pretty professional… I would say that this app is up there with my top editing apps and would definitely recommend this app if you are a photography lover!

Snapchat! Who doesn’t love Snapchat.. this is probably my second most used app on my phone, I love the whole idea of taking cool photos and sending them to your friend with a caption. I must use this app everytime I’m on my phone and it is one of the first apps I check in the morning… if you guys feel like adding me.. my username is Skyehenderson71… I use the snapchat filters all the time and I can’t help myself.

Another app for if you like photography is instagram… If you don’t know what instagram is the essential idea of this app is so you can post photos for all your friends to see. You can like and hashtag so that others can find your post. People can follow your profile. I love Instagram and am pretty much addicted to posting hah! Woops! My username is @Skyehenderson711 if you guys fancy following… I will definitely follow back. I also have an account aimed towards my blog which is @ItsSkye_xx.

Tweet… My overall most used app on my phone daily is twitter… most of you will probably know what twitter is so I won’t bother describing what that is… I’m constantly on twitter whether it be to chat with my internet friends or to just scroll down everyone’s recent tweets on my timeline. I love twitter because it can bring lots of fandoms together and give you a great group of friends. My username for twitter is ItsSkye_x if you guys feel like giving it a follow I would highly appreciate it.

I really enjoyed typing this post and I hope you enjoy reading it… thank you guys so much for all your love and support and I love posting for you guys… there will also be a post going live on Saturday…

See ya later.. Skye x


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