Top 5 favourite youtubers to watch!

I’m back again! I thought that since I had abandoned the blog for a while before my post yesterday I thought that I would right two in a row! I personally and an extreme youtuber watcher and find myself subscribed to thousands of people but I suppose that everyone has a few favourites that they mainly watch… tonight I thought that I would post about my top 5 favourite youtubers to watch starting with 5…

Erika Saccone

Erika Saccone is a 19 year old youtuber originally born in Ireland but has recently moved to Brighton in the Uk, she is younger sister of Anna Saccone from the YouTube family Sacconejolys! Erika has a great channel with over 220,000 subscribers! I find myself waiting for her to upload every time she plans to. Her rants on Snapchat are the best! 

Snapchat- Erikajsaccone

Mark Ferris

Mark Ferris is an amazing and hilarious youtuber… best friends with Zoe Sugg (Zoella) Marks sense of humour is great and never fails to make you smile, the content on his channel is various every week and you never know what to expect. With just under 550,000 subscribers mark is such an amazing youtuber and you won’t regret subscribing to him!

Snapchat- Markyyferris

Pointless Blog

Alfie deyes also known as Pointless blog was raised in Brighton. Alfie daily vlogs every day without fail! Boyfriend of Zoella his vlogs never fail to make you laugh and you can guarantee that every day when you go into your subscription box at 5pm there will be one of Alfie’s vlogs just sitting there for you to click on… you won’t regret subscribing to him. He has also just hit 4,000,000 subscribers!

Snapchat- Pointlessblog


Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella has over 11,000,000 subscribers and is one of the first female youtubers to achieve this amount! Zoe may not upload that often by when she does… it’s a long video full of fun and excitement! Zoe is one of my most favourite youtubers because she is fun and such an inspiration to all of her viewers and definitely a youtuber you would love to subscribe to.

Snapchat- OfficialZoella

The SacconeJolys

My number 1 favourite youtuber has to be the vlogging family ‘the sacconejolys’. The family is made up by Jonathan, Anna, Emilia who is 4 and a half years old, Eduardo who is 3 and Alessia who is 3 months old. This family is such an inspiration to me and never fail to pick me up whenever I’m feeling down… Emilia, Eduardo and Alessia are 3 of the most gorgeous kids you could ever see and Jonathan and Anna have done a great job raising them. With almost 2 million subscribers this family could definitely put a smile on your face to cheer you up when you are down! This family are my favourite youtubers to watch ever! Please subscribe and get them to 2 million!


 Anna- asacconejoly

 Jonathan- sacconejolys 

Thank you guys so much for reading my 2nd post of the week and I hope you enjoyed.

See ya later Skye x


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