Fun Cheap things to do during summer!

Hey Everyone, Back again with another post!

Summer is upon us and quite a lot of people have no idea what to do if the weather is either sunny or raining.

Here are a few ideas

Big group picnics

Picnics are a great way to spend a sunny day. Grab a blanket, a few of your closest friends and some food and just sit and chat away until the sun goes down. I love doing this during the summer as i just love to take advantage of the sun since we don’t get it very often in Scotland hah!

Picking Strawberries

If you have a strawberry field not far from your house then I highly recommend strawberry picking! It is a fun and cheap thing to do when the sun is out. It is enjoyable for little kids and is a great family day out!

Take a road trip with a few closest friends

Can you or one of your close friends drive? Live near any destinations that you’ve always wanted to visit? Jump in your car and just drive. Get the music playing. Enjoy the sunshine while you have it. Take a trip to the beach or a nearby castle and explore. I love to explore and I find it super relaxing. I definitely recommend it.



Take a walk round a Nature Reserve/Zoo

Nature reserves are great places to visit. I’m lucky that my boyfriend lives near a nature reserve so if its a lovely day we love to just walk round it and take a few photos and just spend time together. This is a great idea for couples and families. Young kids love animals and a zoo/safari parks are a great idea which keeps them entertainedIMG_1851

This was a little photo that I took last summer at the Nature Reserve.. I love how perfectly timed it was.

Sit in the garden and read

This is one of my favourite things to do. Choose a good book and sit outside and read whilst the weather is nice. It is such a relaxing thing to do and i find it really enjoyable. Reading in general is one of my favourite things to do but reading outside in the sun is even better which is definitely why i’ll be taking a few books with me on holiday!img_1852.png


Quite a lot of places do free swimming for kids during the summer holidays to get them out of the house. Swimming can be quite expensive but is a good thing to keep both you and your kids fit and healthy. I personally love swimming and would do it every day if i could, I recommend that if your local swimming pool is free for your kids during the summer it would be a great thing to keep them occupied and stop them getting bored.

I’m sure that gives you guys a few ideas as to things you can do to keep both you and perhaps your kids, nieces or nephews occupied during summer for a cheap budget.

Thank you guys so much for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post.

Will see you all next week with another post

See ya later.. Skye x


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