May Makeup Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Well it looks like the whole posting Monday and Friday didn’t go to plan! hah

College completely caught up with me and I haven’t really had the time to post so i thought that I would give you all a little May Makeup Favourites!

To kick it off we have the sleek face form palette in Medium, This contour kit is a powder kit which i think its better at blending for me than a cream contour, it is really blendable and i find it to be a beautiful contour colour and i would highly recommend it, The packaging for this palette is gorgeous i think it looks like a high end product despite it being a drugstore product.IMG_1815[1]

Next on the list is the Collection lasting perfection concealer, For this being a drugstore product and it only being £4.19 in Superdrug it is amazing and has great coverage. It helps to cover up all your bags and blemishes when required. I love this product and would highly recommend it!


Lipstick! Bet that drew your attention hah! One of my all time favourite lipsticks has to be Macs ‘Velvet teddy’. It may be pretty expensive at £15.50 but for a high-end product which is as good quality as this it is reasonable. This lipstick has a really nice creamy texture and is really easy to apply. The smell is also yummy! This lipstick is a warm pink/brown shade which is gorgeous. The photo brings it out to be more pink but i would definitely say it has more brown undertones.


Revolution i would say sell the best and most pigmented drugstore eyeshadow palettes. One of the best i would say is the ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow Flawless palette. It contains many glittery and bronze shades but i just love them. It also has a few matte shades. All of the shades are really easily blendable and are highly pigmented. I love this palette.


Last but not least… Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights… I am speechless with how gorgeous and pigmented this highlight it, It is breathtaking. Looking at its pigmentation you would never think that this would be a drugstore and for £3 it is 100% worth it and i could never recommend this highlight more. It gives you a glowing look to your face and since buying this highlight i feel like i need all of them! This is the best highlight for you if your looking for a golden shimmer to make your cupids bow, Nose and cheekbones glow!


Thank you guys so much for reading the post… You guys are amazing!, your love and support makes me want to keep posting. I hope you liked it

See ya later.. Skye x


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