Holiday 2017 Haul!

Hey all!

Summer 2017 is pretty much already upon us! How is it June already!? As part of my June goals I’m hopefully going to try and post every Monday and Friday for June! If everything goes to plan that is!

Anyway let’s get to the point of this post! Holidays… I’m going away to somewhere in Spain in approximately 5 weeks time… we’re going last minute, so I’ve been packing…over prepared much? Haha!

I started off by buying this gorgeous orange top, I bought it for £4 in primark!! Such a bargain and is perfect for the summer! I love it2 years ago I bought this little skort from primark to go to Blackpool but I never really wore it so I thought I wouldn’t put it to a good use and take it with me. The pattern is gorgeous!I’ve had this gorgeous little daisy dress for years but I never thought of wearing it, it’s been lying in my wardrobe just never being worn so my mum suggested I take it with me and I’m glad she did because I love it!This next item has to be my one of my favourites!, I bought these shorts from the loungewear section in primark for only £2.50 but when I saw them I absolutely fell in love, these are soo pretty and I just love the colours.. the details in these shorts are just beautifulI decided that I would need something smart casual so I look at playsuits and I found one that I fell in love with, I’ve been in to floral clothing a lot lately and I don’t know why but I just love it! I love the colours in it and the little halter neck as well as the frilly little details on the short section! Such a bargain for only £6 in primark!

Obviously I wasnt going to take photos of me in my bikinis for this post but I decided to still take a photo of them! £4 for a set in primark so I just had to get two. I just love the blue one.. the colour is incredible! I thought these would also be great to mix and match too!. These are perfect for just dipping in the pool or a trip to the beach and for this price it’s a good deal!

These next cute little tops were a bargain at £4 each in primark! So I bought one in red and yellow as I just couldn’t help myself, these are super bright and colourful and perfect for the summer season!I love this next top, I bought it in the sale in new look but for the life of me I can’t remember the price! I love the little bumpy detail along the strap section, the halterneck is my favourite part! I love it!

Flip flops! How could you go on holiday without them? And at 90p, you can’t not have them! Definitely a bargain for your holiday! Longwearing and comfortable you can’t go wrong!

These little sunglasses were only £2 from primark, I found them soo cute.. they may not be uv protected but I’ve yet to get a pair of those before I leave but I just had to buy these as they are so nice!

This isn’t everything that I have, I do have a few pairs of shorts and a few vest-tops but I didn’t think I needed to show you them. If your ever looking for a bargain for going on holiday definitely hit up primark.. you won’t regret it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and hopefully you’ve seen a few things you would maybe like. Anyway thank you so much for reading!

See ya later.. skye x


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