Favourite things tag!

Hey Guys!

I Feel like I’m still not posting enough!

So I thought I would kick off by starting the favourite things tag!

Rules! Answer the questions that are posted below

Don’t forget to mention the person who tagged you in your post and mention a few other bloggers to join in! Let’s get started!

  1. Favourite item of clothing?… My favourite item of clothing has to be my denim jacket! I swear by it!… yep I have a snapchat filter on in this photo hah!
  2. Favourite makeup item?… if I’m honest I’d say that my favourite makeup item has to be my Collection lasting perfection concealer! No matter how bad I look when I wake up… it always covers the bags under my eyes!
  3. Perfume?.. although it’s more of a scent than a perfume I would say my favourite has to be the zoella sweet inspirations mist! It smells amazing and is well and truly sweet and is super cheap to buy! I’m on my second bottle!
  4. Favourite app on your phone?… my favourite app on my phone is definitely Snapchat! I use Snapchat all the time and it is definitely my go to app if I’m ever bored!
  5. Place to go on holiday?… Due to having never left the uk before I’ve never really got to see a lot of different places. So out of all the places I have visited in the U.K. My favourite is definitely Blackpool. Blackpool is a place you could go and just have a great time!. There is so much stuff to do!
  6. Favourite youtubers? Wow… I have a lot of favourite youtubers but if I genuinely had to chose a few it would definitely be Zoella, the sacconejolys and Meddysonreacts!

Well guys I hoped you liked this tag! I now tag…




Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see ya later with another post

Skye x


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