My Revision Methods!

Hey everyone, I thought that since exam season is either on the way or has started depending on where you live, I know that some of my readers are still in School/college or university so I thought I would give tips on how I like to revise

Highlight is the tip!

When I revised for my school I highlighted Everything! This doesn’t help, only highlight the things you think are important or that you need because you can instantly go to the highlighted parts, this will help so much . I find that highlighting everything makes it more clear what you need to revise for your exam. Don’t just highlight because it’s pretty, highlight because it’ll benefit you.


I always used to use mindmaps, I found them the most helpful because everything is on the one sheet of paper and as long as you use titles everything can be found easily, I also think if you put in time and effort they can look really pretty! I also like to highlight a few things too!, whenever I had numerous amounts of topics I would make a separate mind map for each topic so I didn’t get muddled up!

Flashcards or Notebook

When I was in school my woodwork teacher gave the whole class a revision pack filled with a couple of packs of sticky notes, a little notebook filled all the way through with stickers of things I needed to know for the exam, a pen, a little cupcake and also a few sweets to keep you going through your revision time. I found this super helpful because I could go through this whole tiny little book and revise everything I needed to know for the exam so I highly advise you use flashcards or something similar because it really benefitted me when I was sitting exams.

Study early, Not late!

Remember to start studying early for your exams, don’t start revising 3 days before the exam, revise months before the exam and keep on top of it, the more you revise the more likely you are to pass. This is where I had my down fall in my first year of exams as I left everything to the last minute, however I changed that around in my 2nd year and it helped. 

Make a revision checklist

I found that making a revision checklist really helped me, this allows you to write down everything you need to revise and tick it off as soon as you feel like you have finished revising it and that you know it.

Well that’s all of the tips that I used during my school exams and will continue to use whilst I study for my college exam.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and found them somewhat helpful, anyway I’m typing this on the train to college so I better get going, See ya later… Skye x


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