2017 Goals!

Hey everyone!, I was having a little thought shower today about ideas for future posts, so I thought I would do a 2017 goals, yeah I know it’s already February but better late than never right?!

Getting my own flat

This year Me and my boyfriend Hayden are hoping to move into our own flat in the city, this will help with our studies and also our jobs, hopefully if all our savings go to plan in the next few months everything will go to plan and we’ll be moved in by June/July

Start eating healthier

Over the past few years I have been eating super unhealthy, lots of fast food, sweets etc so my aim for this year is to start eating a little healthier, this has been a hard task for me in the past few months due to college starting but I’m determined to start eating healthier in the future.

Make blogging a success

I always liked the idea of blogging but never really thought I had the capability to do it, I started doing it and now I’m loving it, I really want to continue doing this and making it a success and I’m hoping that this will be a continuous thing for me

Meeting my internet friends

Over the past few months I have met numerous amounts of new people online so I’m making it my goals to meet as many of them as I can and going to any extent to meet them

Make my 18th birthday the best

For years I have been dreaming about my 18th birthday and now that it is fastly approaching I’m making it my aim to make it one of my best birthdays yet, I don’t know how I’m gonna to it but that’s my aim

Well I hope you enjoyed this 2017 goals post, thank you for reading. See ya Later… Skye x


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