Introduction to my blog..

Hi Everyone..

Thought I would jump on the bandwagon and start a blog, I wanted to start one a few years back but never really had the time to but now I have a few free days a week so it’ll give me the chance to post..

I had a little thought the other day about starting a youtube channel where I would vlog the interesting things I do in life but after deeply thinking about it I feel like I don’t have the confidence levels to do that right now so I thought why not start on the 2nd best thing at least until I become more confident with myself.

So you are probably be wondering what I will be focusing on this blog.. well my main topics I will be posting about is Fashion, Beauty, Music and Books.. Hopefully this might be a success and put my creation skills to the test.

Any suggestions on future post you would like to see would be highly greatful 🙂

Time to sign out and think of my first proper blog post, Thanks for reading

Skye x




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