May Makeup Favourites!

Hey Guys! Well it looks like the whole posting Monday and Friday didn’t go to plan! hah College completely caught up with me and I haven’t really had the time to post so i thought that I would give you all a little May Makeup Favourites! To kick it off we have the sleek face […]

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Holiday 2017 Haul!

Hey all! Summer 2017 is pretty much already upon us! How is it June already!? As part of my June goals I’m hopefully going to try and post every Monday and Friday for June! If everything goes to plan that is! Anyway let’s get to the point of this post! Holidays… I’m going away to […]

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Favourite things tag!

Hey Guys! I Feel like I’m still not posting enough! So I thought I would kick off by starting the favourite things tag! Rules! Answer the questions that are posted below Don’t forget to mention the person who tagged you in your post and mention a few other bloggers to join in! Let’s get started! […]

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Meeting Internet Friends

On the 4th of August 2016 I saw on twitter that there was a post regarding joining a groupchat in support of the Sacconejolys(a vlogging family on YouTube) little did I know that almost a year later I’d be meeting almost a 3rd of them for the first time!…On the 20th of May 2017 1/3 […]

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Little blog update!

 Hey everyone.. it’s been a while since I posted but college work and work in general is catching up with me and I don’t really have time, so I have decided to stop posting for a little while at least until my college year is over! So many deadlines so little time, I hope you […]

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Question and Answer!

Hey everyone! Today’s blog post isn’t my usual kind of post as I just thought I would do a little Q&A just for a little fun! I asked a few friends to ask me a few questions! There are a variety of different types of questions so I thought I would just to a little […]

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International Woman’s Day!

Hey Everyone, In honour of international woman’s day I thought I would write a post thanking certain woman in my life, international woman’s day is all about girl power and how woman are stronger than everyone thinks they are.. so here it goes.. My mum- My Mum is so inspirational, she inspired me to follow […]

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Book Favourites!

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a while but I’m back!, in honour of world book day I’ve decided that I’ll do a book favourites, I’m a huge reader and I tend to read a-lot, so here we go! Starting at number 4 is Wonder by R.J Palacio, this book is all about a […]

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